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Course Curriculum

Course Overview
What is BI | Business Intelligence Online Course FREE 00:02:00
কীভাবে কোর্সটি সাবস্ক্রাইব করতে পারবো? 00:10:00
The fundamentals Part 1 The Rules 00:07:00
The Fundamentals Part 2 Blank Cells 00:05:00
The fundamentals Part 3 Tables 00:06:00
Pivot Table
Pivot Table Begins 00:05:00
Changing and Updating a Pivot Table 00:06:00
Pivot Table Design and Chartings 00:03:00
Adding Slicer the New Filter 00:07:00
Muliple Slicer 00:04:00
Top 5 Customers 00:05:00
Adding Timeline and Spicing up the Dashoard 00:02:00
Show Min Max Average and Percentage 00:05:00
Spiceup your pivot table with Conditional Formating 00:03:00
Calculated Fields 00:04:00
Get Pivot is not evil 00:05:00
Drill Down Feature 00:04:00
Grouping Data 00:04:00
Generate 20 Reports in Just couple of clicks 00:03:00
Advanced Pivot Tables
Data Consolidation in Pivot Table 00:07:00
Join Multiple tables using data model 00:05:00
Find Unique Items through data model 00:05:00
Understanding Business Intelligence
What is BI 00:20:00
What is powerpivot 00:30:00
Why PowerPivot 00:15:00
Exploring the PowerPivot optionalities 00:10:00
Dax Version of Sumif 00:10:00
More on Dax 00:12:00
Actual vs Budget Report 00:14:00
Power Query (Now Data Import)
Import Data from a Folder 00:10:00
Import Data using Load To Option 00:08:00
Clean Your Unstructured Data through Data Transform 00:10:00
PowerView Introduction 00:09:00
Powerview Drill In Report 00:05:00
Powerview Slicer 00:14:00
Two different types of filters 00:04:00
powerview legends and title by cool feature 00:06:00
Horizontal and vertical dropzone 00:09:00
Powerview card view 00:08:00
Powerview Map 00:05:00
limitations of power view 00:07:00
Introduction to PowerBI
Explore the PowerBI Desktop 00:08:00
ডাউনলোড করে নিন সকল এক্সারসাইজ ফাইল 00:00:00