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What is this course?

This is an Advanced Data Analysis Course. Users are expected to have working knowledge on vLookup function and Pivot Table. We are going to dive Deep in Data Analytics in Excel.

Who should go for this course?

If you are the Data Scientist or Data Analyst of your organization then this course is undoubtedly for you. If you have completed the Business Intelligence with Excel Course then it’s a must.

How the course is structured?

The course will take you from an Intermediate Level to a Super User Level through hands-on practice. Initially, we will start with Excel Pivot Table, then gradually move on to other Business Intelligence Component Microsoft has introduced in 2013, PowerPivot, PowerQuery and PowerView. Then we will also take a small look at PowerBI, Sounds Cool, right?

Part 1 Introduction:

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

How excel is used as a Business Intelligence Tool?

Understanding the BI Terminologies

Advanced Pivot Tables

After Reviewing Pivot Table Session, we shall dive into some of the Advanced Features. These lessons will help you to full up and running with a pivot table! The topics include

Organizing your Data

  • Learn to Organize Data
  • Learn Concept of Table for Power Usage

Explore Pivot Table

  • Learn to Create a Pivot Table
  • Understand the behavior of Pivot Table
  • Pivot Formatting
  • Drill Down
  • Pivot Calculations
  • Summarizing Dates
  • Pivot Sorting
  • Filtering Row Fields
  • Top 10 Report
  • Filtering a Pivot Table with Slicers

Dashboard Capabilities

  • Connect Slicers on Multiple Pivot Tables
  • Understand Principle of Dashboard
  • Building Enterprise Dashboards


  • Create Measure
  • Consolidate Multiple Data Source
  • Generate Multiple Reports


PowerPivot compliments where Pivot Table Fails. It is the best thing that Microsoft has produced in last 20 years. These lessons will help you harness the power of PowerPivot! The topics include. Working with PowerPivot:

  • Using the Data Model in Excel to Join Two Tables
  • Getting data in PowerPivot
  • Load Data into PowerPivot
  • Define Relationships in the PowerPivot Window or Diagram View
  • Creating the Pivot Table – Compare Choices
  • Changing the Calculation from Sum & Other Differences

Power Query

Power Query enhances self-service business intelligence (BI) for Excel with an intuitive and consistent experience for discovering, combining, and refining data across a wide variety of sources including relational, structured and semi-structured, OData, Web, Hadoop, Azure Marketplace, and more. Here we shall learn to:

  • Connect to a data source
  • Transform the Data
  • Load the Data in the Table


PowerView is the next level visualization tool within Excel, it provides a beautiful data visualization experience for your data.

  • Here we shall learn:
  • Building Dashboard
  • Understand different types of filters
  • Display Interactive Image Report
  • And many more..


PowerBI is the complete Business Intelligence Solution from Microsoft. It blends, PowerPivot, PowerView and PowerQuery Capabilities in one single Product, Getting Started to Know PowerBI

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কিভাবে জয়েন করবো কোর্সটিতে?

‘Take This Course’ বাটনে ক্লিক করুন। আপনি লার্নিং বাংলাদেশ প্ল্যাটফর্মের পেমেন্ট গেটওয়ে ভিসা/মাস্টারকার্ড বা মোবাইল ওয়ালেট বিকাশ/রকেটের মাধ্যমে পেমেন্ট করতে পারবেন।

এর পাশাপাশি যদি আপনি টেকনিক্যাল ইস্যু ফেইস করে থাকেন তাহলে আমাদের পার্সোনাল বিকাশ, নগদ কিংবা রকেটে কোর্স ফি সেন্ড মানি করতে পারেন আপনার মোবাইল নাম্বার রেফারেন্সে উল্লেখ করে।

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ফর্ম এ যেতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন পারসোনালি টাকা পাঠানোর পরবর্তী ফর্ম

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