Microsoft Excel Power Query Essentials


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1000 in stock


Learning Outcome:


  1. Learn the Management of Big Data
  2. Transform your Database in Power Query
  3. Automate Complex Calculations
  4. Connect multiple files / worksheets and Analyze large data with Power  Query
  5. Modifying Query, Handling Errors & Null Values in Power Query
  6. Work with Conditional Column, Dynamic Data Grouping and Unpivot Data
  7. Data & Time Transformations
  8. Connect Data from Web and Update in Real-time
  9. Create Fully Automated Dashboard / Business Intelligence Report


Target Audience:


  1. Senior Leaders of an Organization
  2. Managers maintaining a team
  3. Specialists working with Data and Analytics
  4. Business Persons
  5. Students who have a keen interest in Data Analysis & Presentation


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